Pioneering Sustainable Water Solutions

Krishna Industries,is committed to inventing cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies and sits at the centre of technological advancement and environmental sustainability. We use cutting-edge technology as a major participant in the waste management ecosystem to address the intricate problems associated with water pollution in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our building is set up to support environmentally friendly business practices and adhere to strict environmental regulations. Motivated by a goal to develop solutions that protect the environment for coming generations, we pledge to be exact and productive in all that we do, ensuring a safer and cleaner environment.

Advancing Sustainability in Water Management

Sustainability is at our core, we deploy advanced technology to purify polluted water from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, significantly reducing environmental pollution. By treating up to 62,000 litres of contaminated water daily, we prevent harmful effluents from entering and damaging our rivers. This commitment is just the beginning as we aim to expand our capacity and continue our leadership in sustainable water management.


Our mission is to revolutionize wastewater management by integrating cutting-edge technology to purify industrial water, ensuring environmental sustainability and enhancing community health.


Our vision is to be a global leader in sustainable water solutions, continuously advancing our technology to meet the challenges of water pollution and preserve our planet for future generations


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